Angry Birds – 2m downloads since launch

In the crazy world of statistics here is a number that developers of popular iOS games should look at, 2 million. Well actually it is over 2 million. That is the amount of downloads Angry Birds full has gotten since it was released onto the Android Market a few days ago. We aren’t surprised though with how the launch went regarding both GetJar and Rovio’s sites going down.

I would say a lot of that has to do with the fact that it was released free instead of with a price tag. While that may be true for a lot of games, it probably would not have mattered regarding this one. A lot of people were waiting for the full version to be released and price wouldn’t have made a difference to most of them.

Currently ad supported, the free version will eventually get an update to remove the ads via an in-game purchase as well as the Mighty Eagle will probably make its official appearance in the game as well at that point. For all your iOS and general game developers watching this game and its progress on the Android Market, let this be a lesson. We want good games. If you bring your game to Android, if it is a good quality game, you will be successful.

If you haven’t tried Angry Birds yet, you really need to go get it now. It’s available on both GetJar and the Android Market for free. Just check one of our many previous posts about Angry Birds for all the links you need to get it! Currently Rovio’s site is still down but when it is back up you can check there for their official announcement regarding their downloads breaking 2 million.

Developer Website: Rovio

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