Day: 18 October 2010


Freemium – The next step for the Android Market

Freemium has been a business model I’ve mentioned in numerous articles since this site started. Everything from online MMORPGs to iOS games use it and it can be incredibly successful, especially if you have a very popular game. A report came out Thursday, Oct 14, 2010 from Flurry regarding the shift that is currently happening in revenues ads and virtual goods sales.


Angry Birds – 2m downloads since launch

In the crazy world of statistics here is a number that developers of popular iOS games should look at, 2 million. Well actually it is over 2 million. That is the amount of downloads Angry Birds full has gotten since it was released onto the Android Market a few days ago. We aren’t surprised though with how the launch went regarding both GetJar and Rovio’s sites going down.