Angry Birds full version on its way!

Well we have all been playing the beta for Angry Birds by Rovio since it landed on the Android market. While there were some slight speed bumps with the beta launch with devices not being able to see it on the Android market for one reason or another, Rovio is taking their time to ensure the full release will be bug free and compatible with almost every Android device.

Part of the issue with some devices not having been able to get the beta due to not being able to see it on the market was because the screen type was not supported. Rovio, however, is working on this issue and trying to get as many devices on board. The question about the screen support issue was put to Rovio by Talk Android in a short interview and their answer was:

“At the moment, the game does not support QVGA displays, which is what the Wildfire has. We’re looking into trying to add support for QVGA devices. The game runs on the Hero, but there is a significant lag. We will try to solve any issues for as many devices as possible, before releasing the full version.” – Rovio via Talk Android Interview

So when can we expect the full version of Angry Birds to hit the Android market? In roughly 2-3 weeks time according to Rovio. So the wait is almost over for the full version which is great since personally I’ve mastered (3 stars) each level in the beta already. Need new levels to get my fix now.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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