Angry Birds Rio will be coming to the Android Market… with ads of course.

Angry Birds developers, Rovio, announced today via Facebook that they will indeed be bringing Angry Birds Rio over to the Android Market. While this version of the game will be free to whoever wants it, you can expect to see ads inside. This is because the ad-free version will be remaining exclusive to the Amazon App Store.

So if you don’t mind the ads during the game, which a lot of you don’t, then you can expect to be able to pick up Angry Birds Rio off the Android Market for free sometime ‘later this week’. You can check out the full announcement, which isn’t much longer than this article, over at the Angry Birds Facebook page. According to the announcement, they have to fix a few things before releasing it.

Also in case you were wondering, Rovio mentioned via Twitter that the Bad Piggy bank would not be making it’s appearance on the Android Market versions of the game, just the Amazon App Store versions. We are guessing for the Android Market ones that they will be using Google’s in-app payment system since they won’t allow the Bad Piggy Bank on the Android Market.

Developer Website: Rovio

Website Referenced: Eurodroid

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