Angry Birds Rio’s Airfield Chase episode update now live on the Android Market

Angry Birds Rio on the Android Market just received an Airfield Chase update which will bring a conclusion to the Airfield Chase episode that recently came out. Among the new levels that come with this update, there also happens to be a new boss fight as well.

This new update brings 15 new levels to the Airfield Chase episode of Angry Birds Rio. This update was actually released onto the Amazon App Store version last week and now it has finally landed on the Android Market version as well. Also included in this update is the end boss fight for the Airfield Chase episode where you will have to defeat the plane the poachers use to try to escape with all the birds near the end of the movie.


You can head over to the Android Market and download this new update right now and it will give you something to do in the Angry Birds world while we wait for whatever Rovio has up their sleeve that they have been recently hinting at whether it’s a new Angry Birds game or a new Halloween Seasons update (which is what we suspect it is).

Developer Website: Rovio

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