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[Updated] Rovio hinting at new Angry Birds update or possible new game

Rovio sent out a tweet a few minutes ago about ‘Something really cool is brewing for Angry Birds”. Along with this little statement was a picture which shows three birds walking into an eerie looking forest while wearing what looks to be costumes.

The entire picture is done in tones of grey which we are guessing is to add to the whole atmosphere of whatever update is heading our way. Considering what time of the year it is and how close we are getting to Halloween, it’s a safe bet that this was a hint to an upcoming update to Angry Birds Seasons with a new Halloween themed chapter.

Unfortunately that is about all we know at this time. We aren’t sure what will all come with the update or how it will work, whether the current Halloween chapter will be expanded or if there will be a whole separate location for this new update. We will keep everyone posted as details come to light.

Update 9:15am Oct. 7th, 2011: According to AngryBirdsNest, they have a suspicion that this could be a new game altogether based around the Nightmare Before Christmas. Sort of the same idea as with Rio so we will have to wait and see exactly what this ends up being.

Developer Website: Rovio

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