Angry Birds Seasons hidden Golden Egg known as the “New Years Egg”

If you though you had found all the golden eggs in this year’s Angry Birds Seasons Winter update, called Wreck The Halls, you may actually be missing one. How is that possible? Because until today it had remained hidden with no way to access it until today.

The folks over at AngryBirdsNest have found a special golden egg, dubbed the “New Years Egg” inside Angry Birds Seasons’ update, Wreck The Halls. This egg was unavailable until today which, at this point, just suddenly appears for you to play the bonus level associated with this egg. So how do you get this particular golden egg now that it is available?

Actually you don’t have to do a single thing at all. This is the first time in Angry Birds history that you haven’t had to obtain an egg through hitting it in a stage whether it is in plain view or hidden. The egg should actually be available as of 8:00am UTC time today. Just go to where all the golden eggs are listed in the Wreck the Halls update and the bonus level for the New Years Egg should be there for you to play.

If you have difficulty passing it you can always head over to AngryBirdsNest and watch the video walkthough via the link below.

Website Referenced: AngryBirdsNest

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