Angry Birds to get into the indie game publishing business

When it comes to Rovio, Angry Birds and all things related to both, you can’t really escape them that much as they have invaded, successfully, a majority of the mobile life (and even home life) in some form or another. Well it seems as though Rovio has even more plans for expansion but not regarding Angry Birds this time.

Instead it seems as though the developer is getting into the indie game publishing business, or planning on it anyways. When talking with Develop Online, Rovio hinted at the fact that they are interested in getting into the indie publishing scene, even going so far as to not deny that it may already have something under development and that executives from Rovio have already approached some developers already.

We have some plans for this area, but not ready to announce yet, If we do something in the publishing area, you can expect it to be a bit different. – Rovio executive Peter Vesterbacka


Rovio also mentioned that if it were to get into the indie publishing business, which seems like they already are getting that underway, that they will be doing things a bit differently than what previous other companies, such as Chillingo, currently do. Whether games will be released under the Rovio name or under a new brand by Rovio remains to be seen. Considering Rovio’s brand power and it’s success on multiple mobile platforms, indie developers who do become a part of this could see some pretty big success on Android and iOS under a Rovio branded publishing company.

Website Referenced: Develop Online

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