Anima Adventure: Dice Battle rolls on to Google Play

Anima Adventure: Dice Battle is a hybrid game, that crosses RPG elements with dice battling. In the game, players will be collecting Animas (the peaceful and mysterious creatures who live in this world) who can then be assembled into a team, summoned,  evolved, and enchanted for battling through quests.

Unfortunately, most of the Animas have been corrupted. Hope and balance will need to be restored by defeating Chaos, which grows stronger every day. To combat Chaos, players will have three options to choose from (Lark, Gardner, or Trinity), with their powers changing as well, based on what element the player chooses. Combat is resolved based on how lucky the player is with dice, which acts as a force or power multiplier; there’s also a slot machine for players who want to take a chance on summoning a more powerful Anima.

Anima Adventure: Dice Battle Features:

– Battle: Animas can defeat the enemies through explosive attacks and elaborate strategy. With the use of Dice and Anima skills, you can increase your power up to 50 times stronger.
– Formation: Organize your party and defeat the most powerful foes. Recruit Animas in various ways
– Evolution: Power-up by combining Animas. Challenging ultimate evolutions by combining special Animas
– Dungeon: Clear various dungeons depending on difficult level. Different dungeons are available: Normal, Event, Chaos, and Special Dungeons.
– Friends: Save the world by inviting your friends. Share your strongest Anima to your friends to help them in their quests, and in exploring dungeons.

Anima Adventure: Dice Battle is now available for free, with optional IAPs included. And the devs are offering a bonus: “As an added bonus, players will receive 10 crystals when using this promo code before June 24, 2015: S49AED3D”. If you can’t access this game just yet, give it a few minutes at it is still propagating throughout the Google Play store, which in some regions can take up to 24hrs.

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