Anime inspired Sci-Fi adventure game, Ashley Ao, gets a new trailer.

Back in October of last year we talked about a neat looking indie game coming from Honey Tribe Studios called Ashley Ao. This particular game is an anime inspired sci-fi adventure game that has a hand-painted graphical feel to it. Now we get to see more of the gameplay that will come with this game in a new trailer.

When we first reported on Ashley Ao, we didn’t know how the game mechanics would work out aside from the fact there would be plenty of running involved. Now we get to see some of the more action-based mechanics in the game which deals with melee combat as you will see in the video below.

Ashley Ao is still currently in development so we are not exactly sure just yet when it will arrive on Android. It does look like an interesting side-scrolling action game with some nice visual concepts so we are looking forward to Ashley Ao landing in our palms soon.

Developer Website: Honey Tribe Studios

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