Another unique tunnel racing game flies onto Android called Radical Tube

A lot of developers are starting to release their first game onto Android this year, some of which have been big named companies while others are small indie studios. Either way they are solid, enjoyable games and Radical Tube by Virtue Studios is another example of this.

Radical Tube is a fully 3D render tunnel racing game with a few interesting gameplay modes for you to test your tunnel racing skills. The game comes with four ‘scenarios’ or better known as locations to race through. Each of those four scenarios can be played using one of the four gameplay modes the game comes with.

– Sprint: Using the speed energy arrows to boost the speed, they must end the circuit in the least time possible, being challenged on reflexes to skip the obstacles in incredible high speeds.
– Grab All: Grab all items you can, as your agility and mind are challenged!
– Stunt: It will be necessary cold blood to deal with all obstacles and still make some smooth acrobatic movements! Pressure is up your combo multipliers grows…
– One hit: Simply skip the most barriers as you can to stand still… The longer you stand, the higher your score!

Each location, or scenario if you will, are all unique and actually feature different elements that you will need to learn to successfully get through them. So each one isn’t just a unique location visually but actually provides different things like obstacles to avoid relating to that environment.

If you are ready to jump into another unique tunnel racing game this week then you might want to give Radical Tube a whirl. You can download this game off of the Google Play store for free. Check out the trailer below to see the game in action.

Developer Website: Virtue Studio

Google Play Link: Radical Tube

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