Anticipated MOBA Marvel Realm of Champions Lands on the Google Play Store

Marvel Realm of Champions, the moderately anticipated MOBA from Kabam and Netmarble based in the expansive Marvel universe, is out now on Android.

The gameplay is set on a mysterious new planet called, ominously enough, Battleworld. This fearsome satellite of terror was created by Maestro, an evil version of Hulk from an alternative future and something to do with shattered realities. Then he died. Now Barons are fighting for control of Hulk Gamma Horde and other grim wartorn territories.

Clearly, the blurb doesn’t make a lot of sense. Action-wise, however, Marvel Realm of Champions is a conventional 3v3 MOBA, allowing you to pick a champion from the Marvel franchise and customize them to make them your own.

These champions reflect the characteristics of the Marvel heroes they’re representing. Hulk is a tank, for instance, while Black Panther is a devastating close range brawler.

Along with the 3v3 Arena Conquest battles there are 2v2v2 Arena Deathmatch battles to play, as well as a Stronghold mode that sees you teaming up with other players to hold back waves of enemies. Onslaught mode sounds like the same deal.

You can download Marvel Realm of Champions for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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