Appbackr launches beta for their new Xchange service for developers

Our friends over at Appbackr dropped us a line to let us know that they have launched a new service under the Appbackr brand called Xchange. This service is to help developers get distribution for their Android game or app over hundreds over storefronts with as little effort as possible.

Xchange works by taking a look at your app or game, analyzing it and pushing it out to the most relevant marketplaces for it which, in turn, helps your games or apps perform well since they are on storefronts that are actually relevant to it, aside from the Android Market. The idea behind all of it is to give developers and their products as much relevant exposure without the need to sit there for a few days signing up for a bunch of sites, submitting their products and generally spending a lot of time trying to get their games or apps out to as many people as possible instead of doing what they do best, developing.

Currently Appbackr Xchange is accepting early beta sign-ups from developers and all you have to do is head over to the Xchange site and sign up. Once in you can check everything out and see if you can use this new service to help you out. Anything that helps out indie developers is usually a good thing. Also if you’re an indie developer and want to raise funding for a future project, you might want to check out Appbackr itself as well.

If you sign-up and get into the early beta, let us know how it works out for you.

Developer Website: Appbackr Xchange

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