Appoke now offering purchasing using PayPal

Developers and gamers alike might want to check out Appoke, especially after this update. While 3rd party app stores are nothing new, this update to Appoke now offering users the ability to pay for applications and games using PayPal. This feature is supposed to come to the Android Market at some point as well.

There is nothing wrong with an extra source of revenue developers, and with PayPal now in Appoke, you have a lot more people with a better way to pay for your game besides using credit cards or carrier billing.

Other features released in this update:

  • Facebook/Twitter connect – Find your Twitter/Facebook friends. Integrated with Appoke’s social features
  • Now comes pre-installed on the eLocity A7 Internet Tablet


Even though there are a ton of 3rd party app stores, very few are actually good. Appoke seems to be making a concerted effort not being one of the terrible ones and keeps on improving. You can download the client application for Appoke for free. Buying through PayPal is live on Appoke as of today.

Developer Website: Appoke

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