AR Spin-Off Minecraft Earth Gets New Mobs and Adventure Chests in its Latest Update

Minecraft Earth, the AR-flavored twist on Mojang’s moderately popular Minecraft, has just been updated with new mobs and hidden reward chests. 

These reward chests appear in common, uncommon, and rare adventures, and they dispense goodies as long as you can find them. 

Three New Mobs Make an Appearance

The new mobs, meanwhile, include Horned Sheep, Iron Furnace Golems, and Melon Golems. So if you’ve ever wanted to see a Melon Golem in your dining room, now’s your chance. 

The update, 0.14.0, also makes a few smaller tweaks to Minecraft Earth, reducing the distance between adventures, letting you earn XP for killing mobs, and fixing a few bugs. 

You can download Minecraft Earth right now on Google Play.

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