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Mojang Adds a Ton of New Minecraft Earth Mobs, Reduces Crafting Times, Announces Closure in June

Minecraft Earth, the AR take on Minecraft, will be closing in June, less than two years after it launched. Mojang will withdraw support in June this year.

In the meantime, however, you should be able to experience the game at its best thanks to a fairly hefty update that removes real-money transactions (the worst kind, in our opinion), reduces time requirements for crafting and smelting, and grants a set of Character Creator items to anybody who signs in.

Mojang has also added a few new mobs and variants, including Fuzzy Sheep, Cream Cow, Long Nose Sheep, Freckled Rabbit, Gold Crested Chicken, Sooty Pig, and several more. Basically, all of the mobs that were in the pipeline have been tipped into the game because there’s no reason to hold them back.

Minecraft Earth first hit the Google Play Store in October 2019, and had a pretty good run. Time Magazine included it among the best 100 inventions of that year.

If you want to experience Minecraft Earth before it disappears forever, you’d better head to the Google Play Store and download it for free right now.

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