Archaeology Will Arrive in RuneScape on March 30, Jagex Confirms

Jagex has confirmed that the upcoming Archaeology skill will officially arrive in RuneScape on March 30.

This is reportedly one of the most powerful skills Jagex has ever released in its long-running MMORPG.

RuneScape’s Archaeology Skill Brings With it Five New Areas and a Story Involving the Elder Gods

Alongside it, there will be five whole new locations to explore, and a brand new story that dives deep into the world’s creators, the Elder Gods.

Archaeology will cap out at level 120 and is available as a free skill. You’ll be able to uncover a variety of powerful artefacts that will provide you with powerful perks.

You can play RuneScape right now on Google Play, ahead of the launch of Archaeology on March 30.

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