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Armored God is a brand new MMORPG that launched last week that we totally missed

Armored God Android

Last week, a brand new autoplay MMORPG launched on Android and we completely missed it.

Say what you want about the genre, but there’s clearly a hunger for it from our audience and we feel bad that we weren’t there to recommend a new one to you guys.

Armored God features a bunch of different monsters to summon

Armored God is a dark fantasy MMORPG that challenges you to explore an open world, battle through dungeons, and participate in raids.

A big feature in this one is the ability to summon a variety of monsters to fight for you. It’s basically like Pokémon but a dark and scary version.

You can even ride certain monsters into battle. There’s PvP too, which challenges you and up to three friends to fight together to beat your opponents.

If you like the sound of this, or just fancy checking out a new mobile MMORPG, go ahead and grab Armored God right now on Google Play.

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