Asobimo’s mobile MMORPG called Izanagi Online gets updated with pets, new classes and more

Released back in April of this year, Asobimo’s mobile MMORPG called Izanagi Online has received an update that brings with it a bunch of new goodies for players to check out. News features range from a new Pets system to a whole new classes for players to check out and level a new character up as.

The Izanagi Online update introduces players to a new Pets system, called Pneumas, which allows you to now take pets with you while you’re out questing. These handy little creatures will acquire skills that will add buff effects to players. Some examples of buffs include “EXP UP +5%”, “AGI +20”, and “Damage Cap Break +8000”.

If Pets aren’t exactly on the top of your list for things to look forward to in an update, then you might be happy to see 8 new second classes to check out, all of which add an additional 16 skills that are possible to use depending upon your selections. There is also a new function called “Forbidden Ninjutsu” that has been added to the game. Since this is a major update, there is also a level cap increase to 80, the Achievement Book function is now available, new maps, new monsters, and new quests have all been added to the game.

This update is now available for download for all players of Izanagi Online. If you want to check this game out, you can download a copy off of Google Play for free.

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