Asobimo to bring an action RPG called Frontier Gunner to Android users in Japan

In similar Monster Hunter news, a Japanese game developer called Asobimo is currently developing a four-player co-op action RPG for Android called Frontier Gunner. The reason why this is following as more Monster Hunter related news is because the game looks like it was developed for fans the Monster Hunter series.

Frontier Gunner will be a third-person shooter style multiplayer RPG where you will be in charge of taking out rather massive monsters that are threatening nearby towns and cities. There are a variety of mission types to complete including guild missions which are also a race against the clock which will also rank you up. As you complete these missions, you will be unlocking more destructive/protective gear which you will have to use against even stronger enemies.

While you can play it in single-player, there is also the co-op four-player mode where you can team up with three other people in order to take out even bigger monsters. The game, judging from the screenshots released, looks amazing.

There is one catch to this game though. As of right now Frontier Gunner is set to be released later this month as a freemium title in Japan. Unfortunately there is now word just yet on a Western released. Guess we can always use Market Enabler if it is in English at least.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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