Asychronous PvP Tower Defender GUNS UP! Mobile Out Now

Guns Up! Mobile has been kicking around for a while in the pre-registration section of the Play Store. The last time we wrote about it was in September last year when it was heading into a limited soft launch. But we can put all of that aside now, because the game has just landed on the Play Store.

Guns Up! Mobile is an asynchronous PvP tower defense experience that sees one player building the defenses and the other controlling the troops that are trying to destroy them.

There are also single player challenges that let you take on developer-built defenses, protect your base against zombie hordes and loads more. Here’s a trailer.

You can join up with your friends to create powerful alliances, using your skill and tactical nous to work your way up the leaderboards. There are different units to unlock and power up and plenty more to push your meaty face into.

You can click here to download Guns Up! Mobile from the Play Store right this second. It’s free to play with IAPs, but it looks like it could be well worth checking out.

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