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Atari’s Missile Command: Recharged Touches Down on Google Play

Missile Command: Recharged, Atari’s reboot of its 40-year-old arcade classic, is out now on Android.

Following the template of reboots like Pac-Man Championship Edition and Space Invaders Infinity Gene, Missile Command: Recharged takes the gameplay of the original and overhauls it with modern game design features such as upgrades, achievements, and online leaderboards. 

We Are Living in the Future

There’s even an AR mode, which allows you to project the game into a virtual arcade cabinet.

Missile Command: Recharged uses the standard presentational approach with reboots of this vintage: a simple, clean, neon-infused aesthetic that looks fairly similar to the original, but about a million times better.   

You can download Missile Command: Reboot for free right now on Google Play. 

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