Ateam opens up pre-registration for their upcoming game Dark Rebirth

Ateam happens to be the company behind the rather popular monster combat game Dark Summoner. Today the company has announced that pre-registration is now live for their next game called Dark Rebirth which is actually the next installment into the ‘Dark’ series of games. Pre-registering for Dark Rebirth does come with perks.

Dark Rebirth is a 3D RPG where players will be completing quests and battling it out with monsters including big bosses. Completing quests and taking down bosses will net you plenty of nice rewards as well as strengthening you and your monsters along the way. Players  will be able to raise armies and feed their monsters the life force of enemies they have slain and rare spirits they have obtained. You will also be able to team up with other players to take on even bigger threats for better rewards.

This little pre-registration campaign the Ateam is holding for Dark Rebirth is actually only for a limited time. If you pre-register through the site, you will get a rare monster for free (called the Reaper Kilviny) when the game officially launches. However, if you pre-register through Dark Summoner, you’ll end up netting yourself two free rare monsters. The pre-registration will only be open until June 27th, 2013 so you have until then to get yourself a free monster or two.

Official Website: Dark Rebirth pre-registration

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