Atmel maXTouch to be included in Samsung Galaxy Tablet

A few months ago we reported on the Atmel maXTouch sensors which we heading into the world of Android inside the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones. These sensors recognize an unlimited amount of touches and have a much better responsiveness while keeping power consumption low which all combine for some great multi-touch gaming on Android.

While only the more recent Android phones have Atmel maXTouch sensors in them such as the Incredible, Evo and of course the Samsung Galaxy S line, this will be the first tablet to have these included. Compared to what generally comes inside the older or middle-end Android phones, these sensors are incredibly fast with their touch responsiveness and as mentioned earlier support an unlimited amount of touches while keeping a high level of accuracy.

“Atmel maXTouch solutions have proven to be the best architecture with the highest touch performance, fastest response time and are more precise than competing touch products,” said Mr. Dongsub Kim, Principal Engineer and Team Leader at HW Platform R&D Group of Samsung Electronics Mobile Device Division. “After selecting maXTouch solutions for our smaller screen devices, we knew it would be the right choice for Samsung GALAXY Tab. Atmel maXTouch will empower GALAXY Tab users with unlimited touch capabilities and longer battery life, for an overall better experience.”
“As the de facto standard in high-end smartphones, Atmel maXTouch solutions will now power the Samsung GALAXY Tab, which is the first of many tablets to use this solution,” said Jon Kiachian, Senior Director of Touch Marketing, Atmel Corporation. “The Samsung GALAXY Tab is a phenomenal tablet that brings a better touch experience to the user and we are proud to help Samsung get this to market quickly.”

So just when you thought the Samsung Galaxy Tablet couldn’t get any better, it does. Gaming on these should be amazing and I, for one, am looking forward to getting my hands on one right away. It’s a safe bet that since these are coming in the 7″ Galaxy tablet that the rumored/leaked 10″ Samsung Galaxy Tablet due out early next year will have these sensors as well.

Source: Samsung Press Release

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