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Dreamgate Studios is based in Canberra, Austrailia. The studio was created in 2011 and is comprised of individuals that have worked in the game industry for some time. The team members have worked on projects such as X-Com, Bioshock and Fallout. Anyone that has been playing games for some time, know that those games are legendary. Dreamgate Studios has released Light in the Dark and it is a light bending, color blending puzzle game that will challenge you. Your gaming skills will be tested as you attempt to help the immediately likable and cute totems babies find their parents by completing a myriad of puzzles.

 “In the game, babies of Totems, a cute, colorful and undiscovered species, have lost their way in an ancient maze like tomb. Gamers must help the children reunite with their parents by bouncing, blocking and blending light to enemies, who chase and tackle the Totems when awakened.” – Dreamgate Studios

From the opening video to the first few levels that serve as a tutorial, you can tell that Light in the Dark’s production quality is high. The goal of the game is relatively simple, reunite the baby totems with their parents. In each level there are multiple Totem family members and the Totems are varied in color. You have to match the color of the parent Totem with the baby Totem by shining light on the baby Totem. This would be easy if your journey didn’t occur in mazes with weird shapes, obstacles and enemies. As with many games within the puzzle genre, you have to also obtain three stars that are scattered throughout each level. The complexity jumps up a bit also because the stars are not all the same color either. Color blending plays a huge part in the game, as stars and Totem babies are not all the same color. Placing the parent Totem in just the right spot to shine on the babies and stars is really where the puzzles come in. Oh, by the way, there is also a timer and a number of moves counter to, so you know you can always get better.

Anytime a game offers hints, you know you will be scratching your head on a few levels. Light in the Dark starts off with one location, Egypt. It shows another location locked, saying it is coming soon. In Egypt, there are four tombs. An additional tomb labeled as Pharaoh’s Tomb is also said to be coming soon, which we are told will be twenty-four additional levels with new mechanics. Each tomb has twenty-four puzzles, with four of them being trials levels which up the level of complexity in each tomb. So, for the initial purchase price of $1.99 you get 96 puzzles.

There are also in-app purchases in the game. You can unlock the later levels by completing levels and obtaining the required number of stars to unlock them or unlock it sooner by using an in-app purchase of $.99. You can also purchase hints starting at 3 hints for $.99 up to 100 hints for $13.74. You can disable in-app purchases. Also, the game gives you the opportunity to get free hints by watching ads if you choose to do so. This does not intrude with the in-game experience. Don’t worry, ads do not pop up during the game. If you decide you want an extra hint without purchasing it, you go to the menu screen where it gives you the option to watch a free video or visit a site with ads. This is helpful if you want to play, but not continue to pay to move forward if you get stuck. Basically, free help is there if you need it.

The game is integrated with Google Game Play Services and includes twenty-seven achievements to unlock. Overall, Light in the Dark, from the small of amount of time I have played it, is extremely enjoyable. It is a family-friendly game that will challenge you as you help to reunite the babies totems with their parents. The depth of game play is immense as you carefully place the totems, and move obstacles to bounce, blend, block and reflect light in the right places at the right time. Dreamgate Studios has created a game that will easily be adored by fans of the puzzle genre.


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