Avatar: The Last Airbender Now Has An RPG Mobile Game Adaptation: Generations

The featured image for our Avatar Generation launch article, featuring three characters from the game falling through the sky towards the camera joyfully.

Yesterday, CDE Entertainment released the mobile RPG Avatar Generations, and fans have rushed to download the game. The game has amassed over 100,000+ downloads on Google Play.

Avatar Generations is a mobile RPG adaptation of the beloved show Avatar: The Last Airbender. The game allows you to revisit your favourite characters and locations from the series, with up to fourteen collectible characters at launch. Generations follows an idle-combat format, tasking you with building the strongest team possible.

Events And Updates

It’s CDE Entertainment that’s brought us Avatar Generations, having released the game in a limited number of countries in August of 2022. With the global launch of the game, it looks as though events are going to play a role in the game sooner than you would think.

On the official Avatar Generations website, under the Events tab, a launch event called A Warrior’s Heart is already in full-swing. The site states that the event allows you to summon a five star character, with Kyoshi, Warrior, and Suki up for grabs!

Fan Reception

As we stated earlier, the game has already gained over 100,000 downloads on Google Play, but looking at numbers isn’t always an accurate method of gauging an audience’s reaction the game. Instead, we’ve turned to Reddit.

In a Reddit post sharing news of the game’s launch, a discussion surrounding the game’s release naturally spawned in the comments. Overall, it doesn’t seem like many fans are fussed about the game…

One user, @Ventem, writes “So far it’s fine. It’s essentially yet another generic mobile RPG, just with an Avatar coat of paint. If you’ve played one before, you’ve played this one. […]”

On the contrary, one user, @Rin_Hoshizura, expressed their enthusiasm for the game, writing “OH SHOOT. Thanks for the heads up!”

The initial fan reactions seems to be a mixed bag at the moment. However, we should note that these are early days for the game, and opinions may change over time.

You can download Avatar Generations on Google Play now.

If you do end up checking it out, take a look at our Avatar Generations tier list.

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