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Award-Winning Adventure Game Old Man’s Journey Is Just 99c Right Now on Android

Old Man's Journey Android

Old Man’s Journey, the highly acclaimed, multiple award-winning arthouse adventure game from Broken Rules Interactive, is currently available for just 99c on the Google Play Store, down from $4.99.

Originally released in 2017, Old Man’s Journey sees you controlling – you guessed it – an old man. Except you’re not controlling this delightful codger, but the landscape around him. For instance, you’ll need to drag hills up and down to make them accessible.

Like Monument Valley, Old Man’s Journey often involves thinking outside the laws of physics and perspective. A hill on the horizon can be used as a path as long as it’s aligned with the foreground.

Your goal, meanwhile, is to help the old man reach his destination while he reflects on various incidents that have occurred throughout his life.

Old Man’s Journey won a ton of awards and nominations on its release, thanks to its distinctive, arty presentation and innovative gameplay.

You can pick it up for a song right now on the Google Play Store.

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