Award-winning adventure game The Inner World is on sale for 50% off

Inner World, the point-and-click adventure game from Headup Games, is now on sale. The game is a straightforward adventure, where players are looking to restore the wind that had disappeared almost two decades ago. The game features hand-drawn visuals, and a nifty hint system that keeps you from getting truly stuck at particular puzzle.

The Inner World has actually won a few awards since its release on PC including Game of the Year award at the German Computer Games Award 2014 and The Best Family Game award at the German’s Developers Association in 2013. It’s actually quite the enjoyable game, especially if you like point-and-click adventure titles.

The Inner World Features:

– Features, Features, Features! This is where The Inner World shows what it means to be lavishly with tons of content waiting for you: Screamingly funny dialogues! Numerous tricky puzzles! A handmade world fully drawn with love and devotion invites you to discover countless details (at least 325!).
– A patented multi-level hint system enables everyone to finish the game! A wonderful comforting atmosphere! Eye-pampering backgrounds in non-stereoscopic handmade 2D (!) – going up against all current graphic trends! Five spectacular chapters! A story with more twists than any Asposian nose! Stunning cartoon-like animations! The most epic soundtrack since the origin of Asposia as well as professional voice overs – even lip sync! Lots of cut scenes! Optional hotspots! And of course: Robert, the very-very-very-VERY-last hope for Asposia!
– Texts and voice-overs 100% in English (and German)
– Full game, no In-App-Purchases
– Tablet support

The game is on sale at half off starting today, so it can here picked up off of Google Play for a flat $1.99. As for how long this sale will run, there is no mention of that. So it would be best to get it now than possibly missing out on this sale by waiting. You can also check out our full review of the Inner World for our impressions.

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