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Have your life saved by the very forces out to get you in Octave, now out on Google Play

Released by Anate Studio, Octave is a point-and-click horror game that’s just been ported over to Android. In this game, players will be assuming the role of an unnamed guy who is about to suffer being executed, out in the woods. Fortunately (though how much so, gets addressed in the game), players are rescued at the last moment by someone or something; divine intervention, if you will.


Investigate your grandfather’s death, as well as your own past, in Kathy Rain, now available for download

Kathy Rain is a detective game that’s been recently ported over from Steam. In this game, players assume the eponymous role of Kathy Rain, a journalism student who learns that her grandfather (a decorated war hero) has died under mysterious circumstances, which leads to her deeper into her own troubled past, as well as other questions: Why did a troubled young artist commit suicide?


Try to reclaim your humanity in DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror, now on Google Play

Released by Jesse Makkonen, DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror is a side-scrolling adventure game that’s recently been ported over from PC. In this game, players will assume the role of Price, a young man who works for a corporation that is involved in renting out apartments, and Price’s job is to turn out the tenants that fall behind, despite the fact that they’re indigent.