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Tormentum Review: A short but engaging adventure in a land of nightmares

Tormentum is a point-and-click adventure that recently got released onto Android. I think that the game’s selling point is the is the setting and atmosphere, as well as the puzzles and choices as it really delivers on dark and creepy. There’s other areas where it comes up short though, but those issues are nothing that destroy the experience, nor are they anything that can’t be fixed.

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Delve into realms of nightmare and gloom in Tormentum – Dark Sorrows, now available from Google Play

Released by OhNoo Studio, Tormentum – Dark Sorrow is a gloomy point-and-click adventure game that’s just been released onto Android. We have previously written on their crowd funding for this game. Set in a nightmarish world with visuals inspired by the artwork of H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński, players will be assuming the role of an unnamed protagonist, who awakens inside a cage (similar to what would house a parakeet), chained to a flying machine.

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Use the abilities granted to you by the same disease that’s trying to kill you in Dead Synchronicity

Released by Fictiorama Studios and Daedalic Entertainment, Dead Synchronicity is a new adventure game that’s been released onto Android. Dead Synchonicity tells a story of a dystopian and sci-fi future, where certain people become the “Dissolved”. What happens to these individuals caught in the pandemic is that, for a brief time, they develop special cognitive abilities, before succumbing to their namesake, which is to say that they literally dissolve into a a bloody mess.

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Point-and-click adventure game Shadowgate is now available on Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore

Released by Zojoi and Reverb Triple XP, desktop classic Shadowgate is now available for Android and Amazon devices. The game was originally designed for Macintosh and Amiga systems nearly thirty years ago, but being point-and-click allows it to easily translate to modern, touch-based handsets. This isn’t a  straight port from the late 80s though, as gameplay had been updated along with achievements, cut scenes, and new puzzles having been added in as well.

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Find the missing expedition in Tibet before the Nazis in Lost Horizon, now out on Google Play

As we mentioned last month Lost Horizon is now out for Android. Released by Animation Arts and Deep Silver FISHLABS, Lost Horizon is a point-and-click adventure game that takes place in Tibet during 1936. Players will assume the role of a pilot named Fenton Paddock, who is offered the chance to track down an exposition that ended in mystery somewhere in the highlands of Tibet.