Day: 9 May 2016


Tormentum Review: A short but engaging adventure in a land of nightmares

Tormentum is a point-and-click adventure that recently got released onto Android. I think that the game’s selling point is the is the setting and atmosphere, as well as the puzzles and choices as it really delivers on dark and creepy. There’s other areas where it comes up short though, but those issues are nothing that destroy the experience, nor are they anything that can’t be fixed.


[Update: Now Free] Maestria is a beautiful looking and sounding game. Now available to download.

Ever heard of a little game called Maestria? Well, if you haven’t, you may want to look into it. It obviously has some influences from that popular game called Monument Valley. This game is just as visually stunning, and it actually has some really interesting puzzles to figure out. Whereas in Monument Valley you were encountering visual weirdness, this is a whole different take, based on what you hear… and see.