Day: 14 January 2016


Ubisoft releases The Smurfs Epic Run onto Android

Ubisoft is a gaming behemoth when it comes to creating and publishing games. They continue to produce excellent games for consoles and mobile devices. Their latest entry comes from a classic cartoon that was popular when I was much younger. The Smurfs first appeared on Belgian TV in a series of short animated films. It wasn’t until a film that was produced in 1975 by Belgian Belvision Studio, that the Smurfs gained great popularity. The rest you can say is history. The Smurfs Epic Run is now available to play on your mobile device.


Build a sprawling metropolis, or crush another player’s, in Downtown Showdown

Released by COLOPL NI, Inc, Downtown Showdown is a new city planning game that’s been released on to Android. Unlike strait “sim” games, Downtown Showdown is more of a hybrid that’s comprised of city building, resource management, and real time strategy. Players will swear fealty to one of the city’s two magnates: either a tech savvy entrepreneur named Zach Gold, or a real estate mogul by the name of Bill Banks, who compete with each other to build the best cities in the world.


Game Review: MMA Federation from 360 Studios is available now in the Google Play Store

If you enjoy watching MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting, then 360 Studios has a new game that you may be interested in. MMA Federation is now available to download in the Google Play Store. We had an opportunity to play this one a bit before the actual release today. The game is intriguing. I say intriguing, because I did not realize that the game would be turn-based fighting. It adds a completely different level of strategy to your gameplay. No button mashing will take place in this one, at least not in the way you think. 


Fight and level up to a musical beat in FantasyBeat: RhythmAction, now available for Android

Released by I&C Soft, FantasyBeat: RhythmAction RPG is just what the name would indicate, a rhythm-based RPG. With a story that contains the classic clash between good and evil, as players seek to save their kingdom from peril. Players will pursue, attack, and defend, all to the beat of the music. On the other hand, players will be facing of against bosses, as well as upgrading and customizing characters.