Day: 21 January 2016


RustyHearts Heroes gets a limited/soft launch onto Android including in the US

When we report on soft launches or limited location launches, one place it never includes is the USA.  RustyHearts Heroes is a mobile spin-off version of the MMRPG called Rusty Heroes, published here in North America by Perfect World. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because they also publish a few other well-known games including another one getting a mobile version called Torchlight Mobile.


Camex Games releases a big update for their Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures game

Camex Games has released a pretty big update for their Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures game on Google Play. This particular game is tactical multiplayer collectible RPG where players set up a group of heroes that they will command, before heading out to complete quests, receive rewards, or beat other players in PvP. Players also have TCG mechanics to learn as your characters have support card, such as spells and field relics that they can use.


Stealth and Puzzles Come Together in Rogue Agent. Now Available in the Play Store.

Roguebox Studios is an independent game studio in Australia, led by Peter Anthony and Stephen Berg. They formed their company back in 2010. They have just released their first game, which is a hybrid stealth/puzzle game called Rogue Agent. If you enjoy outsmarting your enemy like Sam Fisher did back in the days of Splinter Cell, Rogue Agent may fill that void. With an unusual, but impressive art style, Rogue Agent will task you with escaping danger through 52 colorful levels.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Butterscotch Shenanigans announces an official release date for Crashlands. Congrats to Samuel on being cancer free!

Butterscotch Shenanigans has announced the official release date for their highly anticipated Crashlands game for mobile platforms. This game, which has been in the works for over 2 years now, will finally be getting released next month. That means there is still a bit of a wait left, but at least there is a definitive end to it.