Day: January 21, 2016

Game News

[UPDATE: Game Released] 4:33 Creative Lab announces their new hardcore hack n’ slash game Blade: Redemption

4:33 Creative Lab announced today that they will officially be releasing their upcoming hack n’ slash Action-RPG called Blade: Redemption onto mobile devices including a Western release. Currently backed by two big Asian tech giants, TenCent and Line, Blade: Redemption is being labeled as a hardcore multiplayer Action-RPG, so it won’t be necessarily geared towards the more casual players out there.

Game News

Use the abilities granted to you by the same disease that’s trying to kill you in Dead Synchronicity

Released by Fictiorama Studios and Daedalic Entertainment, Dead Synchronicity is a new adventure game that’s been released onto Android. Dead Synchonicity tells a story of a dystopian and sci-fi future, where certain people become the “Dissolved”. What happens to these individuals caught in the pandemic is that, for a brief time, they develop special cognitive abilities, before succumbing to their namesake, which is to say that they literally dissolve into a a bloody mess.