Day: December 1, 2016

Game News

[Update: Game Released] HeroCraft will be launching their Spaceship Battles MOBA at the end of this month

HeroCraft has announced that they will be releasing their next game, called Spaceship Battles, onto Android by the end of October. This particular game falls into the MOBA category pretty nicely, with players needing to design their ships before battle testing their designs against other players. HeroCraft will be publishing this game for Epic Owl, who are the developers and made up of former Rovio team members.

Game News

Investigate your grandfather’s death, as well as your own past, in Kathy Rain, now available for download

Kathy Rain is a detective game that’s been recently ported over from Steam. In this game, players assume the eponymous role of Kathy Rain, a journalism student who learns that her grandfather (a decorated war hero) has died under mysterious circumstances, which leads to her deeper into her own troubled past, as well as other questions: Why did a troubled young artist commit suicide?

Game News

Help technomages battle their own demons in Leap of Fate, now available from Google Play

Released by Clever Plays, Leap of Fate is a cyberpunk themed hack-n-slash of sorts, which has just been ported over to Android from Steam. In this game, players will control four heroes, from a bird’s eye view, who are hiding out in New York City. These mages will be gearing up to confront the Crucible of Fates, which is a proving ground for that uses the fears of the ‘technomages’ against them, in a Danger Room style.