Marvel Puzzle Quest gets a live-action video released for fans to check out

If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Puzzle Quest, or just about live-action adaptations of things like video games, then you’ll probably want to check out this new video from D3 GO! which is a live-action adaptation of the above mentioned game, Marvel Puzzle Quest. This particular video is actually an extended cut of a commercial for the game that was also just released.

All of this is coming out because of an update to Marvel Puzzle Quest which brings with it a new addition to the game,  Medusa (Inhuman Queen), which is a 4-star Legendary character. This is part of the new Hearts of Darkness event which is starting today.

Along with the new event starting, the update also tweaks to a few other features in the game:

– Tokens redeemed from the Vault immediately show up in their store.
– Team-Ups no longer saved between battles, unless manually selected by player.
– Preview for S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 125 now displays when a player reaches Rank 124.

You can download the update at any time now that it is available, as well as jump in-game to start participating in the Hearts of Darkness event. You can check out the extended cut video above.

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