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Bandai Namco RPG Tales of Crestoria is Live on the Google Play Store

Tales of Crestoria Android

Tales of Crestoria, the anticipated RPG from Bandai Namco, has arrived on mobile, dropping almost a week before its expected 22nd July launch date.

Developed exclusively for mobile, Tales of Crestoria is an anime RPG set in an original world that nevertheless exists under the Tales umbrella. It boasts a dramatic storyline, new characters, and high quality voice acting. But it would boast that.

The campaign sees you helping Kanata and his fellow Transgressors survive the world of Crestoria. Being Transgressors, their collective goal is to atone for their sins. That means forming teams and getting into turn-based battles featuring fireballs, magic, and so on.

There are side missions, too, giving you plenty of scope for exploration and good old-fashioned RPG fun. 

You can download Tales of Crestoria for free right now on Google Play.

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