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Battle Breakers, Epic’s New Gacha RPG, Has Been Removed From Google Play

Despite only launching yesterday, Battle Breakers has already been removed from Google Play and is now only available on Epic’s official site.

The move was almost certainly made by Epic itself. Its other mobile game, Fortnite, isn’t available on Google Play either, and you have to grab it from the official site instead.

Battle Breakers is a Hero Collector RPG by Fortnite Developer Epic

Battle Breakers is Epic’s latest release. It’s a pretty standard gacha RPG in which you collect hundreds of heroes, create a team out of them, and watch them battle automatically.

You’ll earn resources to upgrade them, unlock new buildings that provide numerous benefits, and collect even more heroes. See what we mean by standard?

It’s no huge loss as far as we’re concerned, but if you’d still like to check out Battle Breakers, head on over to Epic’s official site right now to get it.

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