Battle Group, the naval warfare game, now invading Android

Back in August we talked about an upcoming naval war game coming to Android called Battle Group. A lot of our readers seemed interested in this game after reporting on it and now we have some good news for those of you who have been waiting for it. It’s now available on the Android Market.

Battle Group is a naval warfare games where you control various types of ships in which you will be attacking your enemy ships with. Since you will have multiple ships to control at any given time, this can lead to some interesting strategy when it comes to defeating your opponents. Don’t get to cocky though as your enemies have plenty of ships of their own as well which they will try to use to take you out.


  • Fast paced tactical/action orientated gameplay
  • Unlock and select a variety of ships ranging from Patrol Boats, Guided Missile Frigates to Aircraft Carriers and mighty Battleships
  • Use an extensive range of modern armaments from anti-air missiles, to large calibre naval guns and Harrier Jump jets.
  • Level-ups unlock a range of powerful abilities
  • Immersive storyline with professionally voice acted dialogue: Who are these pirates? What are their true motivations? And is everything as it seems? Uncover the sinister plot as told through the dialogue of veteran video gaming voice actor Bob Carter.
  • Achievements and online leaderboards
  • Development input by former serving naval personnel for added authenticity
  • Planned expansions feature new ship classes, levels, enemies and play modes



As you can tell from the features list, there is plenty to do and plenty of customization you can have with your ships along with earning new classes of cruisers as well. Back when we originally reported on this game, we mentioned it wouldn’t just be for Android but iOS. PC and Mac as well. With that said we had hoped that a cross-platform multiplayer feature would come with the game when it was released. Unfortunately it didn’t but there is a silver lining to that dark cloud. The developers have said multiplayer is coming in a future update which will really make this a great strategy-action game to play

You can download Battle Group off the Android Market right now for $1.99. To see the game in action, check out the rather cool gameplay trailer below.

Developer Website: Bane Games

Android Market Link: Battle Group

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