Bean’s Quest retro platformer jumps from iOS over to Android

We love retro style games so we are surprised that we missed out on the fact that this one has made the jump from iOS to Android recently. Developed by Kumobius, Bean’s Quest is a great looking retro style platformer with a slew of levels and challenges that need completing in each level.

In Bean’s Quest you will be playing as Emilio who happens to have had the unfortunate experience of being turned into a jumping bean by a rather evil wizard. You goal is to turn yourself back but you’ll have to get through 50 levels in order to accomplish that. There is a bonus to being a jumping bean in a platformer game. You will automatically jump so all you have to do is move Emilio left and right.

There are three challenges for each of the 50 stages in Bean’s Quest: collect all available gems, find the hidden axolotl, and complete the stage in the minimum number of jumps. The visuals for Bean’s Quest are right out of the 16-bit era from back in the day so you’ll have a nice trip down memory lane.

If you are up for a little retro gaming goodness and dig platformers then you might want to check this one out. You can download Bean’s Quest off of the Google Play store for $2.99 and get to jumping around as a small bean.

Developer Website: Kumobius

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Google Play Link: Bean’s Quest

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