Become the player and the dungeon master in Knights of Pen & Paper

We get a lot of unique retro-style RPG titles on Android and mobile in general. While the storylines are all different, most of the gameplay mechanics are pretty similar regardless if the RPG you’re playing is a turn-based one or an Action-RPG title. So when we first saw a new retro RPG on Google Play called Knights of Pen & Paper, we thought that this would be a cool game.

Knights of Pen & Paper is an interesting little retro-style RPG title in that not only do you play as your character(s) in the game, but also as the dungeon master of the entire game. You will be able to control your characters and play in a turn-based fashion but you can also choose what and how many of a particular enemy you have to fight. You can make the game as easy or as hard as you want. Your rewards will be based off of how difficult each round of combat is. The harder the combat, the greater the rewards.

Knights of Pen & Paper Features:

– Turn Based battles
– Retro Pixel Art
– Pen & Paper RPG references
– Simple to play, very rich gameplay experience
– Challenging quests and monsters
– Entertaining story line

There is no shortage of content in this game either. You can choose one of the twelve available classes to play your character as, six of which you have to unlock. There is also seventeen characters to choose from, five of which you have to unlock. Also coming inside the game is 100 quests, 50 monsters, 100 items and equipment, blacksmith, enchanter, mining, gathering, hidden treasures and a lot more. Essentially you can make this game your own.

Right now there are 2 campaigns available, each that you can customize and make different every time you start a new game. The developers promise more campaigns will be coming soon which will just add to the amount of content already in this game, not to mention the replay value. If you’re up for a little retro RPG action this weekend, you can download Knights of Pen & Paper off of the Google Play store for $1.99.

Google Play Link: Knights of Pen & Paper

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