Big Blue Bubble releases their 100th game which is called I, Oracle

Not a lot of game development studios, both big and small, can claim that they have made 100 games and actually have a lot of those games being good quality titles and not just a plethora of crap. Big Blue Bubble, developers of hit games such as Burn the Rope and Hamster Cannon, are now able to claim their 100th game release (across all platforms) with their newest release called I, Oracle.

I, Oracle is actually we talked about in the past when Big Blue Bubble had released a list of their upcoming games. In fact I, Oracle was supposed to be released a few months ago but at least it is here now, better late then never right? So what is I, Oracle? This game is a trivia game where you will be answering questions that will predict the future on a daily basis.

I, Oracle Features:

• New questions every day!
• Lifelines which help the user pick the right answer!
• Submit your own questions for prestige and free rubies!
• Weekly and monthly leader boards!
• Decorate your world with bizarre plants!

As you answer questions you can wager these little tiny people called Followers. The more you wager the more you gain if your answer turns out to be true. You can compete with other people on both a weekly and monthly leaderboard and should you not be sure of the answer, not that you can be when predicting the future, you do have the ability to use lifelines.

International player will have to brush up on their American pop culture and events knowledge if you plan to do well in this game as all the questions are relating to those two topics. Should you feel like you are psychic and can predict the future, you can grab I, Oracle off of the Google Play store for free.

Developer Website: Big Blue Bubble

Google Play Link: I, Oracle

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