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Big Blue Bubble releases their 100th game which is called I, Oracle

Not a lot of game development studios, both big and small, can claim that they have made 100 games and actually have a lot of those games being good quality titles and not just a plethora of crap. Big Blue Bubble, developers of hit games such as Burn the Rope and Hamster Cannon, are now able to claim their 100th game release (across all platforms) with their newest release called I, Oracle.


2 New Twilight Games Released

If, over the course of the past couple of years, you have not been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Twilight stuff then you’ll be pleased to know that two new games have been released. Summit Entertainment and GameHouse have teamed up to bring you Twilight fans two games themed around the upcoming Twilight movie, Eclipse. Should you be excited?