Hit party quiz game You Don’t Know Jack will be coming to Android with cross-platform multiplayer

Jellyvision Games will be bringing the 2011 edition of the hit party quiz game You Don’t Know Jack for iOS is being remade and revamped as a cross-platform game and is coming to Android soon. The developers have been hard at work and along with the new app there is already a few new episodes ready to go when it launches.

The entire app is being redone to support cross-platform multiplayer gameplay so you will be facing other players on Android, iOS and Facebook. Instead of just revamping what currently exists with the 2011 edition of You Don’t Know Jack, Jellyvision already has a few new episodes ready go to so people will be on an even playing field when it is released.

So when will this new version of You Don’t Know Jack be released? Well according to the developers, here is their official answer to that question:

When will the new app be ready? To which we might reply, Sometime before you die, most likely. Assuming you don’t die this year. Because that’s when our new app will be up in the iTunes Store… soon. If you die before then, we sincerely apologize. You’re feeling okay, aren’t you? Seriously, you should probably see a doctor anyway, just in case.

Yes, they do specifically say the iTunes Store but in the same post they have confirmed it for Android as well. The reference to the iTunes Store is due to the fact they have taken the game off of the store until the new version is ready. So as you can see You Don’t Know Jack will be released ‘soon’ as in sometime this year. As it gets closer to release we will be sure to post an update.

Thanks to Royal for the tip!

Source: Jellyvision Games Forum

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