Day: 15 April 2016


Activision and Sony announces a new Ghostbusters game heading to Android this Summer called Ghostbusters: Slime City

Announced jointly by both Activision and Sony, Android gamers will now have a new Ghostbusters game to enjoy soon. Dubbed Ghostbusters: Slime City, this game will focus on events that are to take place after what’s to be shown in the upcoming movie. As the premise goes, players will be assuming the role of a squad of rookies, who have been charged with watching over station while their more famous counterparts are doing more high profile work around the country.


The official Yahoo eSports app is now available on Google Play

eSports as an industry has come a long way in the last 10 years, growing a lot in size in pretty much every way possible including with the creation of mobile eSports tournaments and games. Needless to say there are plenty of avenues in which to keep up with all the goings-on when it comes to eSports. Yahoo has launched their own mobile application dedicated to eSports coverage.


Enjoy old school medieval platforming in To The Castle, now available from Google Play

Released by Dodozen, To The Castle is a new platformer for Android. In this game, players will assume the role of Sir Petrionius, as he journeys through sixty different levels that are distributed throughout three different worlds. This game has no story to speak of, as it’s really just focuses on players getting the knight from one end of a given level to the other.


Pokemon Camp arrives onto Android with all kinds of Pokemon-themed activities available to try your hand at

The Pokemon International Company has released a new game in the Pokemon franchise called Pokemon Camp. This particular game is all about wandering the island and trying your hands at different activities found on said island, all which involve Pokemon. While the Pokemon franchise is for kids, this game is a little more kid focused than most of the other Pokemon titles.