Bio Inc will be available for free on October 28th

DryGin Studios will be offering up their viral simulation game Bio Inc for free starting October 28th and lasting until October 30th, 2014. This is in collaboration with “App of the Day” and folks who don’t already own the full version of the game will be able to unlock it for free.

For those of you not familiar with Bio Inc, this particular game isn’t all that dissimilar from Plague Inc except for the fact that instead of ravaging the entire world with various pandemics and such, players will be ravaging the human body with various custom illnesses. The game itself is available for download for free but does offer an IAP where players can unlock the Fast Forward mode as well as the ability to remove ads from the game for $1.99.

During the few days that Bio Inc will be a part of the “App of the Day”, players will be able to get this IAP and both features that come with it for free. You can snag a copy of Bio Inc through the link below.

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