Day: 27 October 2014


Dead End Alley will be a Virtual Reality zombie killer featuring a chainsaw controller

If immersion is your type of thing and you are always looking for games to play that really bring you into that game, then you might want to keep your eye out for a game called Dead End Alley. While the game is currently available on Android already, it is the Oculus Rift version we are talking about right now. Sure it will bring zombie killing right into your face but the rather cool part is that you can use a controller in the shape of a chainsaw do to the killing with.


Wild Season is a farming sim mixed together with an RPG, coming soon to Android

Wild Season is an interesting looking game as it is apparently a mix between a farming simulation title and an RPG. Developed by Soedesco, Wild Season features a down on their luck resident of the city who has come into possession of a run-down farm in a small village. Unfortunately this chance to change their luck isn’t going to be as easy as your character thought it would be.


[Updated] Reckless Racing will be arriving onto Android on October 23rd

The next installment into the Reckless Racing franchise will be heading to Android later this month. The last two Reckless Racing games were developed by Pixelbite Studios and released onto Google Play by Polarbit but while Pixelbite will be making Reckless Racing 3, there is no mention of Polarbit publishing it this time. That doesn’t mean that they won’t be publishing it, but for whatever reason it seems like that might be up in the air right now.