Wild Season is a farming sim mixed together with an RPG, coming soon to Android

Wild Season is an interesting looking game as it is apparently a mix between a farming simulation title and an RPG. Developed by Soedesco, Wild Season features a down on their luck resident of the city who has come into possession of a run-down farm in a small village. Unfortunately this chance to change their luck isn’t going to be as easy as your character thought it would be.

The people of this small town are not exactly friendly it seems and you will have to fight in order to keep your newly found farmland. Along the way though you will be able to befriend these villagers, possibly find true love, and eventually solve the secret of Bedford Valley. Players will need to build up their farms while trying to befriend the other townsfolk and, from the sounds of things, figuring out what is truly going on in your new hometown.

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of detail right now for Wild Season. We do know it will be released onto Android as well as iOS and PC (via Steam). As for a release date, so far we know it’ll be arriving sometime in 2015. Until we get more details, here’s the first trailer for Wild Season.

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