AMA LTD will be showing off thier 4-in-1 sports game for Google Glass and Quarto in Paris this week

AMA LTD will be showing off two games for Android this week during Paris Games Week. The first will be the Android version of Qautro, a strategy board game that has done really good so far with a million units sold, and EyeSports, the company’s second release specifically for Google Glass.

EyeSports is AMA LTD’s second release specifically for the Google Glass headset and features four different sports games for you to try your hand at. From the looks of the logo, EyeSports will feature Archery, Fishing, Curling and what appears to be Hunting or something to do with a gun-style sight. The reason we are guessing these sports is mainly because all the details for EyeSports will be announced and shown off during Paris Games Week starting on October 29th, 2014.

The second game that will be shown off is Qautro. This is a unique little board game that has players trying to line up four game pieces that have at least one common feature between them in order to win. Obviously this is easier said then done. Quatro will hit Google Play in November 2014.

Developer Website: AMA LTD

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