Mad Science Shooter Bio Prototype Lets You Build Your Own Sin Against Nature

Feature image for our Bio Prototype news piece. It shows an in-game scrern of a monster firing dozens of projectiles at enemies.

Arena shooter Bio Prototype has made the jump from PC to Android, and we’re all excited to welcome it to the better platform.

Bio Prototype puts you in a rather awkward situation. You wake up one day to realize that you’re not quite the person you were when you went to sleep. Through some kind of sinister experimentation, someone changed you into a hideous monster.

It’s Alive!

That’s not even the worst of your problems, as other crimes against medical ethics rush to attack you.

Fortunately, you’re the dangerous, ever-evolving kind of science monster. You can use your continually-mutating genetics to better kit yourself out to survive. New organs give you new abilities and buffs which help your chances in successive rounds.

It’s a game with a Vampire Survivors feel, but it’s not the same. The game puts far more of a focus on building your character and trying out synergies, over simply offering you lots of enemies and action.

Bio Prototype amps up the level of planning and strategy. You try and plan your mutations to synergize into truly broken combinations.

Adapt Or Die

You don’t just get bigger and better projectiles. You can spawn your own offspring, and your babies will fire their own projectiles, and sometimes those projectiles will fire more projectiles…

Well, you get the picture. Hope you enjoy your screen buried by explosions, because you might see that a few times, if you play it right.

It’s a game about mad scientist experiments that makes you feel like one, and the monster you create might grow a bit out of your control.

The game’s currently available via Google Play, and it’s a regular kind of premium game. No ads, no in-app purchases, part with a small amount of cash, and all the content is yours.

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